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  1. Re: Getting a Error:Unhandled exception at 0x00000000 in ***

    I am also getting the same error. I too was trying to render a triangle for gaining more depth into Open GL but I am right now halted on my progress because of this annoying unhandled exception...
  2. Thread: Fill Effect

    by markin

    Re: Fill Effect

    I too am looking for a method by which I could make a fill effect. Good to see that you are intending for a fill paint bucket effect similar to that in Adobe Photoshop. Anyway, I will try and see if...
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    Re: WebGL Shader Editor

    I am so glad to learn that you have made an online webgl editor which would make GLSL shades more easy to deal with. The thing that I like about the editor very much is that the editor is open source...
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    Re: Copy Memory objects

    I too had been wondering lately whether there were any methods in Open CL by which we could copy data to a memory object from another one. I am glad to learn we can. I guess we need to look for these...
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