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  1. Re: clEnqueueReadBuffer() takes msec to complete???

    Am I the only one who thinks this is extremely slow? On the same note, I understand many of these performance numbers depend on the specific vendor implementations, but can we ask for certain base...
  2. clEnqueueReadBuffer() takes msec to complete???


    I am using CPU SDK on a comp that has 16GB of RAM, running OpenSUSE. I did some profiling on command-queue and either I messed up something huge, or this is less than acceptable performance. ...
  3. Re: completion of the kernel to retrieve buffer from device

    One of the ways you could accomplish that is by using what OpenCL defines as an "event". By placing your work in the command queue with help of clEnqueueNDRangeKernel, you may provide a pointer to...
  4. Re: Error propagation from devices to application level

    I think somebody from GPU team posted a reply to similar question. It is likely due to too many threads being spawned. Make sure you do not exceed device limitations. I use the following code to...
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    Re: clEnqueueWriteBuffer question

    You can create a buffer using clCreateBuffer and not specify a host pointer from which you would like to copy data. Later on, you may issue the EnqueueWriteBuffer to write the actual databits to the...
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    Re: Passing arrays of complex structures

    Thank you for your reply. This was for CPU SDK, but you are correct that if this were to run on GPU I would need to be more sensitive to the parameter stack. If I am not mistaken, the current CPU...
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    Passing arrays of complex structures


    Could someone please give an advice on how to pass arrays of structures that contain members that contain other arrays of structs? To be more more clear, here's what I am trying to do:
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