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  1. Now I`m happy that I have a really professional...

    Now I`m happy that I have a really professional answer. I was a little confused about the things going around OpenGL|ES and I really didn't want to insult anybody. Surely there must be some reasons...
  2. That is for sure that I should make workarounds...

    That is for sure that I should make workarounds for some fx. But ray tracing is unfortunatelly suitable only for geometry based objects and even in this case not so cheap (using CPU cycles). How...
  3. glReadPixels + GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT? Why is this not possible?

    I have decided to port some of my work to OpenGL|ES. Why reading the depth component should be so slow as you have mentioned somewhere in this forum? glReadPixels is normally not the fastest thing,...
  4. Thread: HELP! SLOW

    by bkamenov

    Re: HELP! SLOW

    I have 2 ideas for your problem:

    1. If you are using symbian - do not use their bitmap surfaces or whatever it is. Do not believe them - use as less as possible symbian code (it is full with...
  5. Re: Problem with normals in OpenGL ES in S60 app

    3dsmax uses smoothing groups. Each smoothing group is defined by an angle from 0 to 180. When the angle is 35 grads this means that all neighbour triangles having this or smaller angle between them...
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    Re: Add camera functions

    Why do you need explicit Camera support? What you need is just glPushMatrix/glPopMatrix, glLoadMatrix, glMultMatrix. Probably you need some matrix class but there are lots of them on the net. I don`t...
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    What must be added...

    The Vertex buffer objects must not be write only! This is fatal for realtime locking/unlocking. The workaround is conventional vertex arrays, but soon the mobile devices will have more video power so...
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