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  1. Re: OpenGL ES 1.x and LookAt function problem

    Excuse me!. The FIRST FIGURE IS CORRECT!!
  2. OpenGL ES 1.x and LookAt function problem

    Hi, I'm Lucas. I'm working with a PXA320 processor, based in the ARMV4i core. I'm developing an aplication that uses Opengl ES 1.x. When I use the function Perspective and LookAt, of Glu library, the...
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    Opengl ES 2 for ARMv4i!!

    Hi, i'm Lucas. I'm need get Opengl ES 2 library compiled for ARMv4i. Please i need it urgently. Thank you very much!!
  4. OpenglES 1.1 for ARMv4i. Problem with LooktAt!!

    Hi, i'm Lucas. I'm have a problem. When i use the LookAt function (make by me) in c# over a ARMv4i, Opengl draw any thing. Draw erroneous images. Here are the code that i'm usign:

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