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  1. Re: Emulating vector insert/delete in kernel -is this safe?

    yes, but running the non parallelizable part on the cpu requires that you copy temp1 and temp2 between host and device, this would be slower than directly running it on the GPU.
  2. Re: Emulating vector insert/delete in kernel -is this safe?

    No, you have no guarantee that it will always work.
    The best way i could think to get the same result is using two kernels.
    Notice the temp1 and temp2 buffers.
    You have to run kernel2 after...
  3. Re: Difference between several runs of opencl code

    try initializing perm_key to 0. opencl doesn't initialize automatically __local variables
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    It's a bug that was still not fixed in the amd driver installer.

    You have to:
    1)uninstall amd drivers,
    2)manually clean all junk that it left in the system and
    3)reinstall again.
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