There are many presentations talking about COLLADA during this coming GDC.
Some are unfortunately scheduled at the same time...

Here's the list for those interested:


Included in the GDC Mobile 3D sessions:

- 3:00 PM - Khronos: Creating the embedded media processing ecosystem - Neil Trevett - Khronos (This is an introduction to all the Khronos technologies)
- 4:00 PM - Mobile 3D development and COLLADA - Stephen Wikinson - NOKIA - GDC Mobile: 3D Track


Included in the Graphics Rendering With OpenGL ES tutorial:

- 4:00 PM - PSGL, COLLADA and CG for Playstation 3 - Rémi Arnaud - SCEA
- 5:00PM - COLLADA and COLLADA FX - Christian Laforte - Feeling Software


- 2:30 PM - COLLADA for PS3 - Richard Stenson - SCEA - With actual PS3 live demos of COLLADA content.
- 2:30 PM - Cross-platform shader development with FXComposer 2.0 - Chris Maughan - nVidia


- 2:30 PM - 3dsMax Data Exchange Interface and COLLADA - Bernard Lefebvre - Discreet/Autodesk
- 4:00PM - the COLLADA panel - Bruno Matzdorf - SCEA (This could be really fun)

Show Floor:

- Softimage will demonstrate a workflow for next-generation games character authoring based on the COLLADA standard file format on the Khronos booth #1632.
- A COLLADA Playstation 3 demonstration system will be showing various COLLADA tools and content running on PS3 one the SCE booth.