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Thread: Cannot compile ColladaMax, missing ColladaMax.def

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    Cannot compile ColladaMax, missing ColladaMax.def

    I downloaded the ColladaMax source from the FeelingSoftware website. When I tried to compile the plugin using VisualStudio 2003, it gives a linker error saying that it cannot open ColladaMax.def. The file ColladaMax.def is not included in the downloaded source package. Is it supposed to be included in the source package? Or am I doing something wrong?


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    Thanks for pointing this out. I corrected my packaging script to now include the .def file... Here's what this file contains:

    LIBRARY ColladaMax
    LibDescription @1
    LibNumberClasses @2
    LibClassDesc @3
    LibVersion @4
    CanAutoDefer @5

    .data READ WRITE
    Guillaume Laforte
    Feeling Software Inc

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