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Thread: ColladaMax stack overflow

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    ColladaMax stack overflow

    When I try to export a model with animation, in some cases it works but in others max crashes. With debugging I found that in my case it crashes with a stack overflow error inside the function:

    XMLNodePtr ColladaExporter::AddHelperNode(XMLNodePtr& maxExtraNode, IGameNode* sceneNode, IGameObject* helperObject)

    at the line

    simpleObject->GetLocalBoundBox(TIME_NegInfinity, sceneNode->GetMaxNode(), NULL, boundingBox);

    I am not sure if the stack overflow happens only there or can happen anywhere depending on the data. I commented out the part that exports <extra> nodes for helper nodes and it worked. Not a big problem since I don't need the <extra> information. Thought it might help finding a bug.



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    Hi there,

    Could you please email me a test scene which shows the issues?

    The "GetLocalBoundBox" function is a part of the 3dsMax SDK, so I'm not sure how much I can really help (if the issue is some infinite recursion). What I do know is that before the past release, I had modified ColladaMax to have one more function call within the recursive scene graph export. Maybe this extra function call was too much..

    Guillaume Laforte
    Feeling Software Inc

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    Please, can bugs for the Maya and Max plug-in be reported using the sourceforge bug tracker.


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