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Thread: [ColladaMAYA] Export of dynamic attributes

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    [ColladaMAYA] Export of dynamic attributes


    ColladaMAYA seems to export user created attributes via dynamic_attributes. The names of the variables are present but unfortunately the values are not. Is there any plan for ColladaMAYA to support the export of these dynamic attributes ?


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    Hi K-1,

    What was present in previous versions of ColladaMaya was a restrictive prototype of the export of dynamic attributes: only strings were support well-enough. I spent last week looking at this issue for both ColladaMaya and ColladaMax. We now have the full export of dynamic attributes for both DCC tools, on select nodes. The next release of our COLLADA toolsets should come within two week.

    Also, for faster support related to ColladaMaya and ColladaMax, I would suggest posting on our public bugzilla or the new forums on our website:

    Guillaume Laforte
    Feeling Software Inc

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    Great to hear!

    I'm looking forward to the next release!


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