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Thread: Memory leaks

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    Memory leaks

    I'm using DOM 1.4.1 to export a COLLADA file. I use the following code:

    DAE *dae_object = new DAE;

    // ...

    dae_object->getDatabase()->insertCollection(name, &collection);
    domCOLLADA *domRoot = (domCOLLADA*)collection->getDomRoot();

    // Add with domRoot->createAndPlace(...)
    // ...

    delete dae_object;

    The exporter is a separate plug-in DLL. When I exit the application I get a lot of memory leaks. These are not from my application since if I don't call the collada code I don't get them.

    Actually all I need to do to get them is to just create the DAE object and call delete and cleanup on it.

    Are there other clean up functions to be called?


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    There is already a topic addressing this (further down this page actually):

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    Are you using the DOM that is packaged as DOM1.1.0?

    I don't remember for sure but I believe that all of the memory leak issues have been fixed but a new package hasn't been released yet. If you get the current DOM from the sourceforge SVN they should be fixed.


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    Yeah, I've checked out the latest version and all are gone. Thanks

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