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Thread: dxf converter?

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    dxf converter?

    I wonder if there is somewhere a dxf converter (from dxf to collada)...
    did you know something about it?

    (sorry for my english...)

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    I do not know about a direct dxf to collada, but I think there is an existing path: ... eases.html
    talks about a AutoCAD to Google Earth.
    It is most probably a kml export, which is the old google earth format.

    From there you can use sketchup, to load the kml, and then export to google earth kmz, which is a zip file containing a collada (dae) document.

    Then you want to apply the kmzfixer (available on this web site) to create a valid collada document (temporary until sketchup releases the fixes)

    That should work ! Please let us know if it does !

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    Quote Originally Posted by remi
    From there you can use sketchup, to load the kml
    Actually SketchUp doesn't import kml, or at least the version I have doesn't. However it does import dxf files, which should make the process even easier for Blendy.

    Getting content into Collada can be difficult depending on the source format. Right Hemisphere has informed me that they'll be adding support for Collada to Deep Explorationwith version 4.2, although they don't have a specific date for when 4.2 will be released yet. That will make it much easier to get content from various source formats (including dxf) into Collada.

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