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Thread: multiple <init_from> crashes static DOM

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    multiple <init_from> crashes static DOM

    While implementing a cubemap initialization of the <surface> element loading each cube face by a single 2d-img, I came up with this xml-code:

    Code :
    <newparam sid="file8Surface">
      <surface type="CUBE">
        <init_from face="POSITIVE_X" slice="0" mip="0">envCubePosX</init_from>
        <init_from face="NEGATIVE_X"  slice="0" mip="0">envCubeNegX</init_from>
        <init_from face="POSITIVE_Y"  slice="0" mip="0">envCubePosY</init_from>
        <init_from face="NEGATIVE_Y"  slice="0" mip="0">envCubeNegY</init_from>
        <init_from face="POSITIVE_Z"  slice="0" mip="0">envCubePosZ</init_from>
        <init_from face="NEGATIVE_Z"  slice="0" mip="0">envCubeNegZ</init_from>

    According to the schema this should be valid (please correct if I'm wrong). However loading a document with those init_from arrays crashes the DOM, while loading the document.

    I tried a small example loading the document only, with the following mini-code:

    Code :
    #include <dae.h>
    int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
    	DAE* daeObject = new DAE;
    	int error = daeObject->load("cubeInitBug.dae");
    	return 0;

    The DOM crashes in daeElement::release(). Strange enough, this happens with the statically linked version only, DLL-DOM seems to load without complaining.

    You can try this dae file, the dead file references are not important for this problem:


    I know, you could also load each face with

    Code :
      <face ref="...">

    (which works well loading a document)

    But I understand init_cube should be used with compound images only (like DDS)...

    I wasn't sure if that's really a bug, if it is, I will post it on sourceforge.

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    Looking into this bug just opened a whole big can of worms.

    I don't really know how long it will take to fix these issues uncovered. I am working on it now.


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    Ok, this is fixed in the COLLADA DOM sourceforge subversion.

    In the future please post bugs like this on the sourceforge bug tracker.


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