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Thread: Cant find conditioners.sln

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    Cant find conditioners.sln


    I'm having issues with shading and colors in a COLLADA document (for KMZ). I thought it might have something to do with the document format, a mistake somewhere. So I download Refinery. I instell Binaries, Developer and source. Read me.txt tells me that there are two solution files in the V8++ folder. I can only find Refinery.sln, not Conditioners.sln. I reinstalled it 3x, nothing. If I start up some vsproj, I get the same old rant about conditioners missing......

    What to do? Am I doing something wrong?

    Cheerz - Gj

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    To add to that: 'Solution Folders are not supported in this version of Visual Studio'

    I have Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 version 8.0.....


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    I think the readme.txt is just out of date. There's only one .sln file: Refinery.sln. I updated the readme that's in Subversion to only reference Refinery.sln. In fact, my recommendation would be to try the Refinery from Subversion (checkout command below) to see if that one works better. I'm using VS 2005 also but I've never seen the errors you're getting.
    Code :
    svn co [url][/url] ColladaRefinery

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