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    We're having a problem with the 'spec_level' in a certain case.

    We're using Max - Version 9. If the specular level is controlled by a bitmap the collada-exporter isn't getting the correct specular value(which is 0.30 for our particular map as indicated in Max). Somehow we are getting a value of 1, which is seemingly the global specular value?

    Here's the snippet from the collada file:

    −<texture texture="V_Scimitar_Body_N_00_dds-sampler" texcoord="CHANNEL1">
    −<technique profile="MAYA">
    −<technique profile="MAX3D">

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    Hmm, I'm not familiar with this problem. Issues with Feeling Software's tools (FCollada, ColladaMax, ColladaMaya, Feeling Viewer) should be reported on Feeling Software's bugzilla/forums. I don't know if their developers read this forum.

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