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Thread: Node Hierarchy - concatenating matrices

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    Node Hierarchy - concatenating matrices

    Hi all,

    we're trying to load a node hierarchy, but we don't know how to combine the different transformations (translation - rotation - scale) in COLLADA standard. Does anyone have already succeeded with this ?

    Here is a very simple example. There is one node with a single child node.

    Thank you,


    Code :
    <node id="Box03p-node" name="Box03p" type="NODE">
            <translate>35.066 7.13668 13.2857</translate>
            <rotate>1 0 0 -15.0428</rotate>
            <scale>1 1 2.93654</scale>
            <node id="Box03p-node_PIVOT" name="Box03p_PIVOT" type="NODE">
              <translate>-2.17809 -3.44394 -5</translate>
              <instance_geometry url="#Box01p-mesh">
                    <instance_material symbol="AAvar_Tmod" target="#AAvar_Tmod">
                      <bind_vertex_input semantic="CHANNEL1" input_semantic="TEXCOORD" input_set="1"/>

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    Convert each transform to a matrix and post-multiply. For the first node in your example, convert the translate, rotate, and scale to transform matrices T, R, and S, and the node's local transform is then T*R*S.

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    Thank you, it's working now


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