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Thread: Collada exporter for Modo 301

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    Collada exporter for Modo 301

    Collada exporter v1.01 for modo 301
    Download v1.01
    Programming: Richard Rodriguez
    Application design and additional coding: Zoltan Erdokovy

    3 export modes : OBJECT mode for single object export, RIGID for mechanical skeletal meshes and SOFT for things where vertices can be affected by more than one bone.

    Bones : For RIGID/SOFT modes only.

    Multiple UV set export

    Smoothing groups

    Collision primitives

    Vertex colors

    This article explains the Modo-to-Unreal3 workflow in detail. I'll update the article when a newer unreal build is released.
    This video shows what can be done with modo, unreal and physics.

    Please feel free to send bug reports to me.

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    Re: Collada exporter for Modo 301

    Exporting bones in Modo??? I thought Modo didn't have any skinned meshes, or am I going crazy?

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    Indeed, modo does not have skeletal support, so we use simple methods to set up bone hierarchies and define skinning.

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