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    Conformance Suite

    This press release mentions a conformance suite available in 4th quarter 2007. Any update whether that is available now? If so, how do I go about getting ahold of it? We'd like to test our Collada to X3D converter that will be released in Xj3D 2.0 release. ... to_be_ext/

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    Unfortunately the conformance test suite isn't done yet. I don't want to speculate on when it will be done either.

    The CTS works by comparing screenshots, so you'd need an X3D renderer also for the testing. You would take your X3D converter/renderer and write a Python script to hook it into the CTS. Then you're given a Collada model and viewing parameters, and you'd convert it to X3D and render. The resulting screenshot would be compared against a known correct image to determine if you passed or not.

    Based on my experience with the CTS it's a big PITA and probably not worth the hassle.


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    Note: Knronos members have access to the existing conformance test framework, and can influence its design. Please consider a Khronos membership if this is important to you.


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