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Thread: COLLADA on JOGL is coming

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    COLLADA on JOGL is coming

    We ( have been devoted to implement the COLLADA implementation on java platform for some days. Now the early version has been release for test. Suggestions and advices are welcome. :P
    You can visit to see animation implementation of the sample “Seymour”. Here is a short intro about our work: ... jogl/intro

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    Embed a lively collada into web page

    We had implemented a facility to help users embed their own COLLADA models into the web pages. Check for our samples.
    The way of embedding is kind of liking google adsense. All you need it
    to copy and paste the following Javascript code into your web pages:

    Code :
        //Language. Only support 'en' for English and 'cn' for Chinese.
        var clzzlangi='en';
        //Image location.
        var clzzimgi='';
        //Width of show area.
        var clzzwidthi='700';
        //Height of show area.
        var clzzheighti='650';
        //COLLADA file location. The COLLADA can be in the .dae format or in a compressed file (".jar" or ".zip").
        var clzzexniv0='
    }catch(e){}</script> <script src="">
    </script> <script>
    User can also test the COLLADA model by drag the model (or a link) into the application for viewing.

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