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Thread: Display a spline

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    Display a spline

    I want to use <geometry>/<spline> to display a square.

    I define the square in geometry
    <geometry id="carre-lib" name="carre">
    <spline closed="true">
    <source id="carre-position">
    <float_array id="carre-input-array" count="12">
    200 0 0
    0 200 0
    -200 0 0
    0 -200 0
    <accessor source="#carre-input-array" count="4" stride="3">
    <param name="X" type="float"/>
    <param name="Y" type="float"/>
    <param name="Z" type="float"/>
    <source id="carre-interpolations">
    <Name_array id="carre-interpolations-array" count="4">
    <accessor source="#carre-interpolations-array" count="4" stride="1">
    <param name="INTERPOLATION" type="Name"/>
    <input semantic="POSITION" source="#carre-position"/>
    <input semantic="INTERPOLATION" source="#carre-interpolations"/>

    I add this statement for visualization
    <visual_scene id="VisualSceneNode" name="untitled">
    <node id="tcarre" name="tcarre">
    <instance_geometry url="#carre-lib"></instance_geometry>

    With the viewer Collview I don't see anything

    Is the declaration in geometry wrong ??
    Is the declaration in visual_scene wrong ??


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    Hi ZINS,

    I assume by "Collview" you mean the program from pinecoast software?

    It's possible that they don't support splines, not all programs do. Many just support polygon geometry. I didn't see a feature list on their website so I'm not really sure if they support it or not.

    Unfortunately, I don't know which viewers have support for <spline>


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