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Thread: animation with rotate

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    animation with rotate


    I have an animation on angle X.
    The want to change the output XYZ et angle.
    Is it possible ?
    I see no contra indication in the specification or in the collada book.
    But colla_rt_viewer take only angles and doesn't take the xyz parameters

    The description of the animation is :
    <animation id="rotateX">
    <source id="rotateX-input">
    <float_array id="rotateX-input-array" count="4">0 1 2 3</float_array>
    <accessor source="#rotateX-input-array" count="4" stride="1">
    <param name="TIME" type="float"/>
    <source id="rotateX-output">
    <float_array id="rotateX-output-array" count="16">
    50 150 300 360 100 100 100 180
    150 150 150 270 200 200 200 360
    <accessor source="#rotateX-output-array" count="4" stride="4">
    <param name="X" type="float"/>
    <param name="Y" type="float"/>
    <param name="Z" type="float"/>
    <param name="ANGLE" type="float"/>
    <sampler id="rotateX-sampler" >
    <input semantic="INPUT" source="#rotateX-input"/>
    <input semantic="OUTPUT" source="#rotateX-output"/>
    <channel source="#rotateX-sampler" target="Box/rotateX.ANGLE"/>


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    Most likely this was not implemented in COLLADA RT.
    Feel free to contribute to the project

    -- Remi

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