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Thread: COLLADA DOM with big dae file

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    COLLADA DOM with big dae file


    I want to read and write collada files with 1 million nodes and 1 million animations.
    I use colladadom with the functions
    DAE * dae=new DAE;
    daeElement *element;
    daeElement *child;

    daeElement* root = dae->open(fileName.);
    // Node
    if ((element=root->getChild("library_visual_scenes"))==NULL){
    ... etc

    // save file

    I test with 100 000 nodes and animations.
    My PC wit 1M RAM is full and I is very slow.

    I suppose that colladadom create all nodes and animations in memory : characterics of DOM

    Can I use COLLADADOM in SAX mode ???

    For very big collada files, do I search a SAX XML parser ????


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    Sorry the COLLADA DOM does not support SAX style parsing at this time.

    Performance improvements are being made to the DOM that will become available, before the end of the year, that may help your use case. Be sure to watch for updates to the SVN and packages at the COLLADA DOM Project on sourceforge.

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