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Thread: Collada framework for xcode (Mac)

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    Collada framework for xcode (Mac)

    Hi all,

    I noticed an earlier post regarding a handy .xcodeproj file in the archive which created the relevant .framework files for Mac. It doesn't seem to be in the latest build available on source forge?

    Running 'make install' (see wiki) is supposed to create the collada framework in the /Library/Frameworks folder. Make seems to run ok, but nothing is created!

    I found I can run make with verbose=yes for additional info. Unfortunately 'Collada14Dom.framework' is not created. If I create this folder manually, it is deleted first, and then no new folder created

    The output from make is:
    Code :
    >> make install verbose=yes
    Uninstalling from /Library/Frameworks
    rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/Collada*Dom*.framework
    Installing to /Library/Frameworks
    echo 'installPrefix := /Library/Frameworks' > make/
    if [ -d build/mac-1.4 ]; then cp -R build/mac-1.4/Collada14Dom.framework /Library/Frameworks/Collada14Dom.framework; install_name_tool -id /Library/Frameworks/Collada14Dom.framework/Versions/2.1/Collada14Dom /Library/Frameworks/Collada14Dom.framework/Collada14Dom; fi;
    if [ -d build/mac-1.4-d ]; then cp -R build/mac-1.4-d/Collada14Dom-d.framework /Library/Frameworks/Collada14Dom-d.framework; install_name_tool -id /Library/Frameworks/Collada14Dom-d.framework/Versions/2.1/Collada14Dom-d /Library/Frameworks/Collada14Dom-d.framework/Collada14Dom-d; fi;

    1) Any ideas what to check for? Or does anybody know if I need greater permissions (ala root on linux, or administrator on windows)?
    2) Does this create Collada RT as well?

    Any help much appreciated!


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    Ok, I think I've got it.

    Turns out I need to simply run 'make' first to build the project, followed by 'make install' to create shortcuts/aliases to the headers in the Collada14Dom.framework folder.

    Now to find out how to get Collada RT working

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