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Thread: Collada DOM in Ubuntu 8.10

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    Collada DOM in Ubuntu 8.10

    Hi, i was using colladaDOM with Ubuntu 8.04 without problems, now i have a new laptop using Ubuntu 8.10, when i try to compile colladaDOM i got this error:

    Code :
    In file included from include/dae/daeDatabase.h:18,
                     from src/dae/daeAtomicType.cpp:20:n 
    include/dae.h:195: error: ISO C++ prohíbe la declaración de ‘auto_ptr’ sin tipo

    in english more o less:
    Code :
    ISO C++ forbids of ‘auto_ptr’ without type

    i installed libxml2-dev libpcre3-dev libboost-filesystem-dev

    Someone know how can i fix it? Thanks.

    PD: Sorry for my english.

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    I'm getting the same error. Maybe it has to do with different gcc versions.

    Ubuntu 8.04 used gcc 4.2.4 while
    Ubuntu 8.10 uses gcc 4.3.2

    The english error message is:

    Compiling src/dae/daeAtomicType.cpp to build/linux-1.4/obj/daeAtomicType.o
    In file included from include/dae/daeDatabase.h:18,
    from src/dae/daeAtomicType.cpp:20:
    include/dae.h:195: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘auto_ptr’ with no type
    include/dae.h:195: error: invalid use of ‘::’
    include/dae.h:195: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘<’ token
    make: *** [build/linux-1.4/obj/daeAtomicType.o] Error 1

    We will investigate this further.

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    It doesn't occur with the trunk version of the dom, so please use that.

    Note that dependencies have changed. You may need to update your build environment.

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