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Thread: Conflicting Animation Export Formats !

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    Conflicting Animation Export Formats !

    After using Collada for a few years now, I thought I would update the code to support multiple DCC and was shocked to see different standards being used especially in skinning. I am just getting frustrated. Any help will be appreciated.
    Autodesk FBX Exporter:
    Export of Skeleton Animation KeyFrames adds an additional <animation> for an animation.
    <animation id="Bone01-anim" name="Bone01">
    <source id="Bone01-rotateX-animation-inputANGLE">
    Collada NextGen:
    <source id="node-Bone01_rotationX.ANGLE-input">
    With identifier, the Collada NexGen does all kind of conflicting names, sids represented by names and all kinds of stuff.
    I really need advice on which Plugin to base around my future codebase. Given Autodesk owns Max, Maya and Softimage, I am tempted to go with Autodesk FBX Standard. Please help.

    Venkatesh S C
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    Re: Conflicting Animation Export Formats !

    Looks like the FBX export creates an empty animation element, that can safely be ignored (since it is empty anyways)
    Did you try to pass the coherency test on those 2 exports ?

    The FBX / COLLADA exporter is quite buggy as far as I know... frustrating I agree.
    This is why there is a need for the plug-ins in sourceforge. Maybe one day FBX will do a good job at supporting COLLADA and those issue will go away.

    For now best is to use the Feeling 1.4.1 plug-ins (the next-gen are still in Beta), and report all bugs you find to Autodesk regarding the FBX/COLLADA implementation.

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