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Thread: help. Plz.

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    help. Plz.

    I've been trying to convert collada to multiverse and it doesn't seem to work. The following is the error from the Execution Log after attempting to convert a collada model:

    >>> Copy <Bed with sheets.dae> to work folder
    ===========[ Converting 'Bed with sheets.dae' ]=============
    Command: \"C:/Users/pawel/Desktop/sampleworld/Colladas/Bed with sheets.dae\"
    ================================================== =========
    ERROR [2009-06-04 13:26:00,524] Convert Error converting files: Error in the application.
    -2005530516 (D3DERR_INVALIDCALL)
    at Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.VertexBuffer..ctor(Devi ce device, Int32 sizeOfBufferInBytes, Usage usage, VertexFormats vertexFormat, Pool pool)
    at Axiom.RenderSystems.DirectX9.D3DHardwareVertexBuff er..ctor(Int32 vertexSize, Int32 numVertices, BufferUsage usage, Device device, Boolean useSystemMemory, Boolean useShadowBuffer)
    at Axiom.RenderSystems.DirectX9.D3DHardwareBufferMana ger.CreateVertexBuffer(Int32 vertexSize, Int32 numVerts, BufferUsage usage, Boolean useShadowBuffer)
    at Multiverse.Serialization.HardwareBufferHelper.Allo cateBuffer(VertexData vertexData, UInt16 bindIdx, List`1 dataList, BufferUsage vertexBufferUsage, Boolean useVertexShadowBuffer)
    at Multiverse.Serialization.HardwareBufferHelper.Allo cateBuffer(VertexData vertexData, UInt16 bindIdx, List`1 dataList)
    at Multiverse.Serialization.ColladaMeshInfo.Process(M atrix4 transform, Skeleton skeleton, String baseFile, String animationName)
    at Multiverse.Serialization.ColladaMeshReader.Import( Matrix4 transform, Mesh mesh, Skeleton skeleton, String animationName, String materialNamespace)
    at Multiverse.ConversionTool.Convert.ReadMesh(String& materialScript, Matrix4 transform, String srcDir, String dstDir, String meshFile)
    at Multiverse.ConversionTool.Convert.ConvertFile(Stri ng srcDir, String dstDir, String name, Matrix4 transform, Boolean build_tangents, Boolean extract_collision_volumes, Boolean optimize_mesh, String skeleton_file)
    at Multiverse.ConversionTool.Convert.Main(String[] args)

    Command failed on file <Bed with sheets.dae>
    ConversionTool exit code: '1'

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: help. Plz.

    From the description it is a Multiverse issue. But it could be a problem with the collada file as well.
    Did you open a bug with them?
    Could you post a URL for the opened issue on the multiverse forums?
    Is there a multiverse developer that we could talk to?
    Is multiverse open source? Are you able/willing to fix this bug yourself with help from this forum?

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