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Thread: animated camera example

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    animated camera example


    I am working on getting an animated camera described in collada.

    the example I am starting from is

    <camera id="camera" type="perspective" yfov="0.927292" ymag="0" znear="0.01" zfar="1000" position="15.5, 9.5, 47" direction="0, 0, -2" up="0, 1, 0"/>

    I am hoping that the "position="15.5, 9.5, 47"" could be replaced with animation calls.

    but I am not sure how to go about that.

    so help. thank you very much.

    ken mcall

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    Re: animated camera example

    Your example would be split between a COLLADA <camera> and a <node>. The camera orientation is defined with the lens looking down the -Z axis, with +Y up. Any node transforms can reorient and position it, typically with a <lookat> transform.

    Code :
     <camera id="camera">
      <translate sid="position">15.5 9.5 47</translate>
      <instance_camera url="#camera"/>

    Your yfov and ymag attributes don't translate to <perspective> so I'll let you ponder that.

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