Sometimes ColladRT crashes because of missing Sids or Ids inside the document.
For example, sometimes this code inside ReadAnimation() crashes, because both Id and Sid values are optional for a given <animation>:

Code :
CrtAnimation *CrtScene::ReadAnimation( domAnimationRef animation )
	if (animation==NULL) return NULL;
	CrtPrint( "Add new Animation %s \n", animation->getId() );  
	if ( animation )
		CrtAnimation * newAnim = CrtNew(CrtAnimation ); 
		CrtAssert("No memory\n", newAnim!=NULL);
		// get the animation name - target - keys and time 
		newAnim->SetName( animation->getId() ); //Sometimes crashes
		newAnim->SetDocURI( animation->getDocumentURI()->getURI() );  //Sometimes crashes

Is there a conditioner to add id and sid attributes to all the missing Ids and Sids ( including optional and non-optional )of the Collada document?