GLC_Player 2.2 Beta 1 is Out.
GLC_Player 2.2 has 4 distributions :
- Source Distribution
- Mac Distribution
- Win 32 Distribution
- Win 64 Distribution
GLC_Player 2.2 Beta 1 use GLC_Lib2.0 Beta 1.
New Feature :
Use visualization partitioning and frustum culling to enhance graphic performance on heavy 3D Scene
Add the new fly navigation mode
Add interactive sectioning possibility
Add the possibility to save all supported format in the open (Dassault Systemes 3DXML V4 format).
Add the possibility to use parallel or perspective projection.
Enhancement :
Collada compatibility enhancement (It's now possible to load Collada genareted by 3DVIA) http://www.3dvia.com
Full compatibility in 64 bit (Linux, Mac OS and Windows)
Windows 64 bit Version compiled with MS VS 2008.
3DXML compatibility enhancement

Have Fun.