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Thread: build collada on vs2010 vc10

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    Re: build collada on vs2010 vc10

    Hi louboutin99

    I am working with marcus right now to get Collada Dom to have vc10 projects that build collada 1.4 out of the box. I hope to have it avaliable within the next few days. In the mean time however if you would like to build the 1.4 collada libs yourself. You are indeed going to need to build the external libs. This link has help regaurding that.

    The two external libs that do not work with VC10 are Boost Filesystem and PCRE. PCRE comes with a readme on how to build PCRE libs with vc10 using CMake and the link above has some other information on it aswell. For the boost filesystem libs, the link above should suffice. Then convert the VC9 project into a VC10 project using VC10. Adjust the projects settings to correctly link to the new libs that you built.

    Another thing, VC10 under configuration properties->General had added a couple of new fields Targetname and Target Extension. These two fields need to be set approprietly otherwise they may be build errors. If you get any questions down the line feel free to post back.

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    Re: build collada on vs2010 vc10

    The Collada DOM 2.2 .zip download now includes Visual Studio 2010 support. All the VC10 project files and pre-built external-libs should work as I tested them all on my machine and each one built successfully. I hope this helps out others who needed vc2010 support.

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