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Thread: Inlined image

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    Inlined image


    I've been asked to generate a DAE file where the textures are all included in the file itself rather than read from an external image file such as JPG or BMP.

    If I use
    Code :
    <image format="BMP">

    then I have no problem loading the image.

    But I'm trying to use
    Code :
    <image format="R8G8B8A8" width="3" height="1">
       ... data here ...

    With the width and height given as above (3 and 1), I assume I should have 3 32-bit numbers in my <data> field. However, everything I've tried so far has not worked.

    Could somebody give me an example of an inlined image in R8G8B8A8 format with, say, 3 colors, red, green, and blue?


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    Re: Inlined image

    Probably the software you are testing with does not support the <data> element. The important attribute that declares how to interpret the data values is the format attribute. It is application defined and can be as simple at "BMP" or "RGBA8" or more complicated. It must be unambiguous and known to the application however.

    The width and height attributes are the dimensions of the image in pixels.

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