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Thread: opensl es fatal problem on Android jni

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    opensl es fatal problem on Android jni

    Hi, when I use android jni to call opensl es in android app, I get a fatal error when I destroy the player.
    The error is
    03-04 16:40:59.977 W/art ( 3315): Native thread exiting without having called DetachCurrentThread (maybe it's going to use a pthread_key_create destructor?): Thread[25,tid=3577,Native,Thread*=0xb4bdf000,peer=0x12f16 0a0,"Thread-24441"]

    It happened when I call the function Destroy(sys->playerObject); Can someone help? It seems as if there's a pthread exit in the function, how can I circumvent this error?

    ================================================== ================
    result = SetPlayState(sys->playerPlay, SL_PLAYSTATE_STOPPED);

    result = Clear(sys->playerBufferQueue);
    CHECK_OPENSL_ERROR("failed to Clear playerBufferQueue.");

    sys->playerObject = NULL;


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    can you fix ?

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