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Thread: Scene Node Matrix

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    Just FYI, I finished the last bit of code in the first draft of the COLLADA-DOM rewrite yesterday. I will post in the forum very soon with a snapshot of the source code. It's a very ambitious project that does a lot of unique things, that may possibly even never been seen before. It ought to be, it's taken me months to complete!

    No offense, but I bet you're a young guy right? You've got a lot of young guy energy anyway. We've all been there. I consider this very basic stone age work, laying the ground work for a public standard for 3-D graphics. For 3-D files and things, there's not anything that is free of proprietary smells. Autodesk has consolidated everything since COLLADA was first introduced. I think that's kind of taken the winds out of the sails of the people who began it. But I don't know if they began it out of love, or if Sony just chose to put them on the project. That's the problem with big budget commercial software. A loveless relationship is a bad way to write software that is the information substructure for the future of humanity.

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    BTW: Here ( is the link, with the updated COLLADA-DOM development snapshots. Hot off the presses. You may've received a copy by mail if your settings did that automatically. If not you can follow my progress by further subscribing to receive Forum posts by email.

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