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Thread: Dont found physical device count

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdfteh View Post
    I dont understand you what pugged in(if battary then where if the difference with 1 thing) and what means on battary. Please be simply in phrases)))
    it's a layer for laptops to change which device to use by default depending on whether it gets it's power from the mains or its battery

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    Looking at your VIA.html, the loader is finding everything appropriately, but the vkEnumeratePhysicalDevices appears to be returning an error. The only other time I've seen this is when the driver (ICD) has an issue. The two cases I've seen are:

    1. The ICD determines that the hardware really doesn't support Vulkan
    2. There's a bug in the ICD

    You're best bet is to work with Nvidia at this point. Pass along the VIA.html to whatever bug you file to help reduce the initial back and forth.

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    That Optimus thing in your log is really making me paranoid.
    Try this guide (if any of it is applicable):
    I.e. try to set "Preferred graphics processor" to "high performance" in the NVIDIA profile for vulkaninfo, if there is such option there for you.

    Based on the log you only have the SDK RT. Try to uninstall: driver, SDK, Renderdoc, any and all Vulkan RTs. Then install only the NVIDIA driver for now and test vulkaninfo. I think it should install 1.0.37 Vulkan RT as part of it.

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