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Thread: Using libktx library to load ktx image

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    Using libktx library to load ktx image

    i am using libktx library and i have built it successfully and linked dynamically.But when iam trying to use the library function,

    ktxLoadTextureM(const void* bytes, GLsizei size, GLuint* pTexture, GLenum* pTarget,
    KTX_dimensions* pDimensions, GLboolean* pIsMipmapped,
    GLenum* pGlerror,
    unsigned int* pKvdLen, unsigned char** ppKvd);

    iam getting linker error as,
    Error 2572 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp_glTexParameteri referenced in function ktxLoadTextureS.

    Please help me what is wrong and i have also defined KTX_OPENGL_ES1=1 as preprocessor defination.

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    Are you running on Windows? It looks like it but I please confirm.

    If you build the library for OpenGL ES 1 (KTX_OPENGL_ES1 = 1) you need to have an emulator installed on Windows. The pre-generated project files are set up to work with the PowerVR emulator from Imagination technologies. If you do not have that installed you will get such link errors when you build your application. If you want to use a different emulator, see gyp_include/config.gypi. After selecting your desired emulator there, you will have to regenerate the project files.

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