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Thread: android overheating

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    android overheating

    hello, I am working on openglES 2.0 on android studio and i have created a terrain of size about 150k vertices and it also contain normal and UVs data
    when I render the terrain with multi texture support it all works fine and render with 40-50 FPS but after 7-8 minutes my android device get heat up and android start to send me notification of cool down. My android device is samsung galaxy s6 verizone. I don't know if it is programming issue or defect in my smartphone but when i do not render this high poly terrain my app works fine .please can someone help me what should I do?

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    To prevent phone overheating, we want to give you some tips to prevent a phone disaster this summer.
    Avoid direct sunlight to your phone. ...
    Turn off unused apps on your phone. ...
    Don't turn your brightness up, buy a glare screen. ...
    This one is simple, if you're not using your phone, turn it to airplane mode or turn it off.

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    Thank you so much for your info, i didn't buy a glare screen this summer and I'm in troubles... but your info helped me so much, thanks!

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