This is my first thread, Im new at openCL and Im doing some work to integrate this technology with some other software. So Im trying to execute an aocx inside another program written in C++. When my code reaches this line

program = clCreateProgramWithBinary(context, 1, &device, (const size_t *)&binary_size, (const unsigned char **)&binary_buf, &binary_status, &status_ocl);

returns this error: *** Error in `../../bin/linux-arm/hpsfpga1dtest': munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x00294a98 ***

I havent found any help from google and Im a bit lost. My aocx file runs in an ARM/FPGA SoC system from Intel/Altera and was cross-compiled in another host. If Iexecute it directly:

aocl program /dev/acl0 hello_world.aocx

It returns this:
aocl program: Running reprogram from /root/opencl_arm32_rte/board/c5soc/arm32/bin
Reprogramming was successful!

Can anyone tell why I receive this error? Maybe it is something to be with my own program, but I would need an explanation of this issue, thanks!!

Regards, Ricardo