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Thread: barrier() crashes on Intel HD Graphics 630 + Apple OpenCL 1.2

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    When I have a clean example to share I will post on the Intel forum and link here for reference. (No time yet to make that example)

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    Would you please clarify how I could identify a "very big" kernel?
    Whether or not this is the cause of the behavior that I encountered I would imagine that at some point (probably the worst possible) I will hit this issue.

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    Would you please clarify how I could identify a "very big" kernel?
    AMD has an analyzer that can show, i.e. number of spilled registers. In their case, any number besides zero basically means undefined behavior. Intel or Apple should have a similiar tool, though I don't know if it is free or not.

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    Support staff at khronos is great. they are always ready to help you out.


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