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Thread: Does Intel support Vulkan on the Iris Pro Graphics 5200 on Windows?

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    Question Does Intel support Vulkan on the Iris Pro Graphics 5200 on Windows?

    The driver page indirectly linked from the khronosdotorg community pages,

    has disappeared and I have been unable to find the list I found a year or more ago of supported Intel devices.

    I thought Intel supported Vulkan on Windows on Iris Pro Graphics. The latest driver though for the 5200, dated 11/7/2017 is only version 15.40 and I think 15.45 is the minimum version supporting Vulkan.

    I'm running Windows in BootCamp on a MacBook Pro and Intel's IRIS Graphics Control Panel reports the driver version as 20.19. However Vulkan does not appear to be supported. I have no idea why the difference with the Intel download page.

    ERROR: [loader] Code 0 : loader_get_manifest_files: Registry lookup failed to get ICD manifest files. Possibly missing Vulkan driver?

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    You are probably looking for this list. More updated list would be inside release notes of the latest drivers.

    Last time I checked, on Windows Intel bothered to implement Vulkan only on 6th+ gen CPUs.

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