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Thread: About the swapchain image resizing

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    Post About the swapchain image resizing

    Some time ago I implemented swapchain image resizing in my Vulkan renderer
    using system events ( WM_SIZE and WM_EXITSIZEMOVE on Windows and

    It worked OK, but recently there was some change ( at least on my NVidia card ) :
    window resize causes vkQueuePresentKHR() function to return
    VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_DATE_KHR before system event gets a chance to resize
    swapchain images.
    It means that instead of above mentioned system events I must use
    vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceCapabilitiesKHR() to obtain current swapchain image size.
    OK, I can live with that.

    But when I minimize my window - function vkCreateSwapchainKHR() returns ERROR_OUT_OF_DEVICE_MEMORY.
    It turned out that when window is minimized then function vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceCapabilitiesKHR()
    returns VkSurfaceCapabilitiesKHR struct with currentExtent == {0,0}.

    So I decided to define minimal size for swapchain images : {1,1}.
    And now validation layer informs me that I cannot create such window,
    because it's bigger thanmaxImageExtent defined in VkSurfaceCapabilitiesKHR struct : {0,0}.

    Because of this - I decided to see how others implement window resizing.
    And to my surprise - they don't handle windows minimization either :
    - cube example from LunarG SDK halts infinitely when window is minimized
    - also examples written by Sascha Willems crash when window is minimized.
    I found that Sascha touched that issue ( 320 ), but left it opened.

    My questions :
    1. since when vkQueuePresentKHR() and vkAcquireNextImageKHR() must use
    swapchain images with the same size as window size ?
    Is it defined somewhere in a specification ?
    2. If that change was added to specification:
    - what was the motivation ? Lack of WM_SIZE counterparts on some platforms ?
    - what should we do when window is minimized ?
    3. If it wasn't added to specification - is it only NVidia specific ?

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    It's a driver issue that's still present in current drivers and not a problem with the implementation of e.g. my examples (works fine with other vendors). I reported it to nvidia some time ago but it seems they haven't fixed it yet.

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    Which one issue we are discussing, because I wrote about two of them ?

    First one is a demand that window size must be the same as swapchain image size
    during vkQueuePresentKHR() and vkAcquireNextImageKHR() calls.

    Second one is the impossibility to recreate swapchain images when window is minimized.

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    I'm talking about minimizung the window. Resizes work fine for me on multiple IHVs and platforms including nv.

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    Thank you for a clarification.
    We will wait for a fix from NVidia then.

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