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Thread: OpSource's third (File) parameter.

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    OpSource's third (File) parameter.

    I'm just putting together a quick SPIR(-V) decoder/wrapper, but I haven't used this instruction before and I'm not fully understanding this member (and I'm not yet sure how to get example code that uses these parameters).
    Parameters 3 & 4 are optional.

    What type is the 3rd parameter? (definitions from the page above)
    1. [embedded OpString instruction]? Doc says "File is an OpString instruction and is the source-level file name."
    2. [word]? Doc says "Optional <id> File". (where <id> usually means a word).

    Also, is it possible that the 3rd parameter is omitted but the 4th is used? If so, how do I disambiguate whether the optional 3rd parameter is omitted.

    If it's #1, I guess I any valid OpString first word is an invalid null-terminated-string word, although this would be a pretty ugly way to disambiguate.
    If it's #2, how should I disambiguate between [an id] vs [the 1st word of a null-terminated-string (which might be 1 word)]?

    Either way, does anyone else find the spec slightly ambiguous here?

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    Ok, pretty sure it's a word (#2) - yay. - (as OpLine describes its OpString parameter similarly, but OpLine has a fixed size and said parameter must be 1 word).

    Also, if you can't have parameter 4 (text) without parameter 3 (file id) then there's no ambiguity. But the spec doesn't say this, so it's still IMHO ambiguous.

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