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Thread: Is a Vulkan Compute shader different from a GLSL compute shader?

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    Is a Vulkan Compute shader different from a GLSL compute shader?


    I've looked at some of the tutorials for Vulkan Compute shaders, and some of them just construct the shader code with something looking akin to assembly (which I'm assuming is just hand constructed SPIR-V), while some of them load up a SPIR-V file. Is the SPIR-V file just the SPIR-V generated from GLSL compute shader?

    None of the examples I saw appear to use some distinct shader language - is my understanding correct? And if so, what languages compile to a SPIR-V file usable as a Vulkan compute shader?

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    Vulkan does not particulary care where you got your SPIR-V from, but yes; it can be generated from GLSL.

    Consult this infographic:
    It seems to compile from many languages, but at least GLSL and HLSL that I am aware of.

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    I'm currently building a library that uses Vulkan for computing, and I would like to know what language can I use for my computing shaders
    (I'm currently using GLSL and this is fine, but I would like to know what are the alternatives, and the advantages / drawbacks of them)

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