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Thread: Vulkan glGetShaderInfoLog and printf in shaders

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    Vulkan glGetShaderInfoLog and printf in shaders

    I'm going to assume that SPIR-V shaders don't have support for printf. I'm pointing at glGetShaderInfoLog() to help make my question clear - obviously it also doesn't exist in Vulkan.

    It doesn't seem too hard to write a GLSL printf() implementation using atomics and SSBOs. Naturally it doesn't need to be super-optimized.

    Before I spend too much time in that rabbit hole, I wanted to ask everyone's thoughts?
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    SPIR-V doesn't have support for text, let alone "printf". And `glGetShaderInfoLog` is nothing like "printf"; the stuff that goes into it are error messages from the compilation, not runtime stuff you'd get in "printf"s.

    So it's not clear what exactly you're talking about here.

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    Good response, Alfonse.

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