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Thread: School project

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    School project

    Hello to all,

    I am a student at the KULeuven university in Belgium from the department of electrical engineering.
    We we're assigned to perform a study to explain and compare different standards for images and static 3D objects for first person shooter games.
    So far I found 3 standards: X3D, COLLADA and Alembic. Could you help me explain and compare them?

    Kind regards,
    Wayne from North Carolina

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    Please be sure to read our Forum Rules (, where it clearly states to not ask the forum to do your homework. You should also be aware that many professors know about these forums and visit them frequently.

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    hi. I am a student and i got a project to develop my site which is an e commerce site integrating the functionality of coupons like this coupons back to school. i am having issues like integrating the module and the chat service i want to add up.

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