Hi everyone. Sorry for my bad English. I create dae file to export to the web app. My surface has texture only on back (one side of surface). I want it has face and back texture. In collada spec 1.5 (page 26) i see that we should apply semantic attribute with double sided:
<input semantic="POSITION" source="#grid-Position"/>
<newparam sid="blah">

But when i do this nothing changed. I paste this code:

<effect name="Material0-fx" id="Material0-fx">
<newparam sid="Image-Material0-surface">
<surface type="2D">

<technique id="Material0-fx-COMMON" sid="COMMON">
<color>1 1 1 1</color>
<texture texture="Image-Material0-sampler" texcoord="CHANNEL1" />
<color>0.00784313725490196 0.00784313725490196 0.00784313725490196 1</color>

What is wrong in my code that texture applied only for back of surface?