I don't suppose there's a way to get around having to call




before making any calls to


in the Java implementation of OpenGLES is there? The main problem is that at the time I come to create the textures (loading scene graph from file) I don't yet have access to the Graphics object being used (it's a cross platform API... long story) and so I need to create the glTextures, but at this point have no Graphics object to use with eglCreateWindowSurface, to then use with eglMakeCurrent. So I'm getting an IllegalStateException with "no current context". Is it possible to create an "empty" context to make these calls with?
Basically I don't understand exactly why the Graphics object needs to be known at this point, I'm a little fuzzy on the ties between these function calls and the context. Are all textures created with a certain context set current only usable when that context is set current?

Er.. ta in advance. And if it sounds like I don't know what the chuff I'm talking about that's probably true.