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Thread: First time fast, other times slow!!!

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    First time fast, other times slow!!!

    My program encounters a strange problem.
    I tested it on a powerful computer with 4 NVIDIA GPU (GeForce GTX 970), which is not belong to me.
    For the same task, the first time it takes 1 second, then other times it takes 2.5 seconds always.
    Every time, the result was the same and correct.
    My computer never has this problem.
    I have checked the program many times, and pay much attention to the initialization, but nothing was found.
    So now I don't know what should I do for it!
    Does any one has any idea?
    Thank you!
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    I think I have found someting.
    I dispatched subtasks to 4 devices this way: first, I dispatched 3 subtasks to every device, then after 1 subtask was finished, append a new subtask to that device.
    It is usually ok, but not for every computer.
    On the computer I have mentioned above, it becomes slow.
    When I changed the pre-dispatched subtasks from 3 to 20, it becomes normal.
    I want to know how can that be?
    Thank you.

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