Hello everyone. The collada skinning equation is the following:

v +={[(v * BSM)*IBMi*JMi]* JW}

  • n : The number of joints that influence vertex v
  • BSM: Bind-shape matrix
  • IBMi: Inverse bind-pose matrix of joint i
  • JMi: Transformation matrix of joint i
  • JW: Weight of the influence of joint i on vertex v

So far I understand. What I do not understand is how this applies when a particular bone is son of another bone.

Should I do this?

+={[(v *ParentBSM* BSM)*ParentIBMi*IBMi*ParentJMi*JMi]*ParentJW* JW}

Or, what do I have to do so that the transformations of the children are done well in relation to the parents?

Thank you very much for your help.