Hello.. this has got me confused..with win95 and my video card (nvidiaTNT2.64) everything worked fantastic.. i have not changed anything accept i reformatted and installed win98...now.. i can't run any games in OPenGL mode at all..the only one that even thinks about running is half-life.. which i can hear the music playing but the screen and computer freezes.. i have installed the latest nvidia drivers and have had directx7 installed (with win95 too, with no problems) but now.. i cant do anything.. i tried the "dva=0" that was posted elsewhere..but i got the " your vid card doesnt support this mode" when i tried that.. so i removed that line form the win.ini file..so i am now stumped as what to do..i dont want to go back to win95 cause i like everything else in win98.. but i want my games to work in opengl mode too... thanx for the help..