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Thread: Problem sis620

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    Problem sis620

    I can't use Quake3 Arena on my pc.
    The probleme is , the soft cant find opengl.
    I have download few opengl, but nothing for my cart " SIS620 "

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    Re: Problem sis620

    Well the manufacturers drivers should just support this although I'm not familiar with the card you have and they may not support OpenGL (seems unlikely). So get the latest drivers for the card and install, don't do anything fancy. You want the Microsoft opengl32.dll installed, not some cruft from elsewhere, and that should just be there already with any kind of recent OS.

    Next if that doesn't work and maybe even if it does download and run glsetup from here:

    This is a small download but don't let that fool you, when you run it it performs a bigger download & install of the latest drivers.

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