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Thread: ATI Rage Orion card & 6500/300

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    ATI Rage Orion card & 6500/300

    I am unable to run either QT movies or games requiring OpenGL on my PPC6500/300 without getting distorted sound, static or jerky motion. If I revert to an older version of ATI software and older version of OpenGL, I do not get the sound distortion but, of course, cannot run some games that require the latest version of OpenGL. I have found comments on other forums regarding the PPC 6400s & 6500s having similar problems. I do have a Sonnet Crescendo 400 L2 G3 card installed. I have disabled that but there is no difference in results.

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    Re: ATI Rage Orion card & 6500/300


    I've had similar problems for the last six months on my ATI Rage based card. Posted on many forums but no solutions. Then I found the holy grail of sites for STI Rage users:

    These are *not* official drivers, but as you will learn from reading a few posts in the forum there - they are much better. I downloaded version 7.5 of the drivers they have there and it solved my opengl problems - I suggest you do the same.

    If you have any problems with them, post on the forum there and Slaykill or RageLTMan will be sure to help you out - they helped me I sound like an advert - good luck

    Ash aka EnglishMafiaGuy

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